Saturday, 1 October 2011


We are moving back to New Zealand. This has not been an easy decision for my parents and I, but it was the right thing to do.

I have wanted to start a fashion blog for a while, but I don't exactly have a desirable wardrobe, or body to clothe. I don't want to run a plus sized clothing blog either, because in my mind, I am a skinny person screaming to come out!

Since we are moving home, I thought now would be the ideal time to start writing in here. Most of my clothes are getting shipped in a storage container back to NZ, and I only have about a week and a halves worth of clothing in my suitcase. Last time we moved overseas, I replaced my clothes pretty quickly. They weren't neccessarily things I liked, but I needed things so I didn't have much choice. Also, by the time things arrived (over a year after we moved!) I realised my clothes were so horrible and poor quality I ended up chucking the majority of them out. My clothes improved slightly in that time, but not much. I just never have money to spend on those sorts of things.

So what do I spend money on? Well I like getting a new computer game occassionally, I love collecting DVDs, I recently got a new computer and I have been buying camera equipment. Its unfortunate my hobbies are so expensive, because it doesn't leave much money for anything else. Because of my bipolar, I haven't had much money coming in, so I have been saving up pocket money.

Back to my other point about moving back home, I will be getting a job, so I will have more money. I'm also hoping to buy a few new things once I'm settled because I will have to go to interviews, I want to spend more time working out, and the state of the two bras I own is appalling.

Since I'm a size 16-20 at the moment, I will probably be mostly writing on my weightloss blog to start off with. Once I get to my goal weight, a year from now, I will probably write on here more, because I will have a nice body to dress!

For now you should read this blog. I love it! She started out like me, without many nice clothes, but over three years she has built up quite a collection! She rarely wears the same thing twice, and she has a whole book shelf filled with shoes, a mannequin that she designs dresses on and two clothing racks filled with dresses, tops and jackets. She also takes daily photos of what shes wearing, and as a result ends up with lots of real nice pictures of herself, around her hometown.

I don't think I would spend as much money on clothes as her, because I have too many other interests, but I'm definately inspired by her! She seems like a fun girl too :)

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